Interviewing A Master : Tank

Tank is one of Toledo's finest Tattoo Artist, he works at the Needle Masters North Location! 5801 Telegraph Road.

Question 1 Tank how long have you been working at Needle Masters?

Tank - I've been working at Needle Masters for 13 years now

Question 2 What got you into tattooing?

Tank - Actually, my friend actually talked me into tattooing him, and it kind of snowballed from there. I was 26. I'm giving away my age now. I'm old! but I was 26 when I actually did my first tattoo on my best friend dream who talked me into tattooing. We actually put his last name, Ochoa, across his stomach. We went pretty big for his first tattoo, it was across his stomach and cried every minute of the process that day.

Question 3 Now, have you always been an artist?

Tank - I have always. As far back as I can remember, I've always drawn I used to get in trouble at school for drawing instead of my homework. But yes, I've always been an artist. I've always drawn with pencils, crayons, chalk on the sidewalk, you name it.

Question 4 What would you say your style of art is?

Tank - My style. I would lean towards realism. Black and gray. Realism is what I love to do. I do a lot of it. Also illustrative, floral as well. I definitely do my share of portraits. Horror movie characters. I love to do animals as well. I seem like I do a lot of lions.

Question 5 What keeps you at Needle Masters?

Tank - I definitely love needle masters. I love my clients that come here I feel I have the freedom to to work as I please and do the art that I please. And my own pace.

Question 6 What would you suggest for somebody coming in for their first tattoo?

Tank - I first will recommend. Definitely. You don't come in on an empty stomach the day before you come in definitely hydrating (drinking water) so your skin is softer if you're hydrated and it will be less painful.

Question 7 What are some what are some misconceptions about tattoos or stereotypes?

Tank - When people come in and ask if it's going to hurt, and then I generally tell them it's going to hurt, you know, and then they say, well, my friend said it's not going to hurt in this area. Usually that that's kind of one of my pet peeves because everyone is different, of course, and every area is different and not everyone's going to have the same experience.

Question 8 What are you working on currently? What are you aspiring to kind of accomplish in your career?

Tank - This a big question. You know, as far as accomplishments, I've never been the guy that wants to be like famous. I'm very happy doing walk-in tattoos as well as my appointments and my accomplishments. Personally, I just want the client to be satisfied. So that's just my daily accomplishments I work towards every day and also just proven my skills. Never stop learning. Never stop learning in the field. There's always something new to learn. If you feel as an artist, if you feel like you're there's no room for improvement or room to grow, then you should quit.

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