Interview With a Master : Whitey

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How Long Have you been piercing?

Whitey: 23 years

What got you into piercing?

Whitey: Growing up seeing anybody with tattoos and piercings, and then a friend just kind of asked me if I wanted to one day learn how to stab people and not go to jail.

Tell us about the first time

Whitey: First time I ever did it, I was it was being taught over in the Lagrange and I had explained to somebody why their girlfriend was bleeding so much because the girl jumped so so that is my first experience. So sit still when you get pierced

You're a piercing masters, what is the most important duty in that role?

Whitey: I think it's making sure that everybody has a good experience making sure each trip is a better experience than the day before because happy customers tend to come back and it's nice to to feel comfortable when you're actually getting pierced.

What is the most common piercing you do, and how many have you done?

Whitey: I'd say nostrils or nipples But nosotrils that probably I couldn't even tell you, I probably do 70 a week times, 23 years. So a lot! (52weeks x 23 years = 1196 * 70 piercings = 83720 nostrils)

What is the most painful piercing?

Whitey: For a female it'd be a triangle for a male would be an appealing or an aphrodisiac. Those are both genitalia, piercings, not pleasant piercings.

Do any body modifications scare you?

Whitey: I don't think any scare me. I think some concern me as far as suspension and everything because there's no long term studies upon what that actually does to the tissue. So there's none that actually scare me or concern me.

Has this career always been enjoyable to you?

Whitey: Every day. It's not a career to me I love it. I love it. I love my work environment all joking aside, I get to work with some really good people. You get to meet new people every day, but 75% of them are, you know, fun people. And then you get a couple of them that are a little angry when they come in. But you try to make them have a better day.

Tell us a crazy piercing story

Whitey: So I don't know. I've I've done a lot. I don't think I can say the really crazy ones. Just come in and see if you want story time with with Whitey I will give you story time all day long. I can think of a few but.. Not the best (stories) to put online.

What is one thing you want people to know about piercings?

Whitey: I think the biggest thing is the piercing is only half done (once it's pierced).When you leave here. You really have to take care of it. You got to try to minimize touching it. People are going to tell you to do certain things. Talk to your piercer. Talk to your piercer. Who told you how to take care of it from the beginning? Just because somebody has a lot of piercings, everyone heals differently. So it's very important that you talk to a piercer and they give you the proper, like way to take care of it. Proper aftercare is so important!

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