Common Questions From Our Clients

Types of Tattoos?

We do them all. We have 14 artists all with a unique style. Your very personal tattoo can be achieved through direct collaboration with the artist that best suits your vision and style.

Piercing Prices?

Tattoo Prices?

Tattoo pricing begins with a free consultation, and is determined by size, location, detail and color, with the shop minimum starting at $50.

When are you open?

We have the best hours in Toledo, open earlier than anyone else and stay open later than anyone else.
We are open Sunday through Wednesday 11 AM to 1 AM and Thursday through Saturday 11 AM to 3 AM.

Do you sell all the aftercare products I’ll need?

Yes we do, and we will show you how to use them.

What types of jewelry do you sell?

We have a vast assortment of jewelry to shop from, starting with basic pieces for $10 and growing from there. All piercings include a titanium piece.

What if I have a budget and want a tattoo?

We are working on something very exciting to accommodate all budgets. Without compromising your vision or the artwork.

Are you open on Holidays?

We are closed for Easter, New Year's and Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve.

And no, we do not sell any supplies.